Preise & Shuttle


All film screenings (except for Extras)

Normal: 6 € / Discounted: 4 €
Discounted ticket prices for students,* trainees (Azubis),* retirees, handicapped persons,* as well as for guests from Poland and the Czech Republic.

* upon presentation of valid ID showing status

Free admission at 3pm-showings Wed.-Fri.
Film screenings in the Czech Republic: 80 Kč
Film screenings in Poland: 15 zł



3-Screening Ticket
Three film screenings for €15
Available at all ticket counters

All events for €60
Available at all ticket counters (non-transferable)

Student Ticket
All film screenings for €20. Only valid with a valid student or Azubi ID (non-transferable)
Available at all ticket counters (non-transferable)

To the Festival with ZVON

All festival guests travelling to the Neisse Film Festival via public transportation gain admission to any film screening for the discounted rate of €3!

Leisure-Time-Card (FreizeitCard)

Holders of the FreizeitCard gain admission to all film screenings at a discounted rate!
Adults: €4
Children: €3


Students at the VHS Görlitz

Students of the VHS Görlitz gain admission to all film screenings at the discounted rate of €4!


Admission, Centrum Panorama

1 film: €5
1 day: €13
2 days: €24
3 days: €36
4 days: €45

For students and Azubis/vocational trainees:
1 film: €1
1 days: €3


From May 13-17 we offer all festival guests a minivan shuttle between Grosshennersdorf-Mittelherwigsdorf-Zittau.
Departure times:  2:30 pm | 5:00 pm | 7:30 pm | 9:30 pm | midnight  from Kronenkino and Kunstbauerkino.
Fee: €1